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1099 Misc Form

The 1099 MISC form reports the whole amount of payments you receive from an entity or single person during the year you’ve provided services to them. Company or a person that makes certain types of payments to report them on a IRS Form 1099 Misc to the recipient and the Internal Revenue Service. If an entity paid an independent contractor more than $600 in a financial year, the entity will need to complete a 1099 Tax MISC.

E File 1099 Misc Form 2019

The 1099 MISC 2019 Form covers a wide range of payments you receive, such as rent, royalties, prizes and awards and substitute payments in place of dividends. If you work as a freelancer and independent contractor, this 2019 Form 1099 Misc form is used to report your earnings.

Form 1099-MISC is an Internal Revenue Service tax return document and form 1099 Form Independent Contractor is used to report miscellaneous payments made to nonemployee individuals, such as independent contractors and freelancers, during the calendar year. You have to report the information from a Misc 1099 Income Tax Form on your tax return. If you hire as independent workers or other businesses, such as attorneys, you must give them IRS Forms 1099 MISC if you pay them more than $600 over the course of the year.

Details On The IRS 1099-Misc:

The 1099 Miscellaneous Form reports the total amount of payments you receive from a single person or entity during the year that you provide services to. The form includes some of your personal information such as name, location and either your Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number. Most importantly, the 1099 Misc Online Form will classify each type of payment in separate boxes on the form depending on the reason for your payment. If you receive a payment for freelancer work you do, then your annual earnings will appear as nonemployee compensation.

Number one box is used for rents if you pay more than $600 for all types of rents. For example, Real estate property manager use Form 1099-MISC to report the rent paid over to the property owner. Box 2 is used for royalties. Enter gross royalty payments more than $10 or equal to $10 and box 3 is used for other Income of $600 or more required to be reported on IRS Tax Form 1099. Number 4 is used for Federal Income Tax Withheld. The fifth number box is used for fishing boat proceeds. Medical and health care payments purpose box 6 is used. Nonemployee compensation purpose box seven is used. Depending on the payment category, boxes are used.

Who Is Responsible For Form 1099 Miscellaneous Form?

Depending on the companies or people you receive payments from during the year, you may receive more than one Federal Tax Form 1099. Each payer must complete the IRS 1099 Form Misc if during any year it pays you more than $600. The payer must provide you with a copy of the 1099 Income Reporting Form by January 31 of the year, as well as report to the Internal Revenue Service by the last day in February.

Payer must be a business entity and not an individual contractor. The form 1099-Misc cannot be used for personal payments. The payee must not be an entity or employee. Form W-2 is used for employee payments purpose. The recipient must be an independent contractor or freelancer or self-employed person.

Initial period the payee works as a contractor and later becomes an employee. Payee possible to maintain two jobs. One as an independent contractor and the other as an employee under the same year. If payee work as a contractor and an employee, the payee can receive both Online 1099 Misc Form and Form W-2.

As a freelancer, you report all earnings on your income tax return just like an employee does, but you do it differently. You are considered non-employed and require to report 1099 Misc Reporting Form income on a Schedule C attachment to your tax return. You are also liable for Medicare and health taxes, which you calculate on Schedule SE and attach to your return.

Advantages Of A 1099 MISC Tax Form:

There are some tax advantages to earning self employee income on a 1099 MISC. One advantage is that you have more freedom than an employee to claim deductions that relate to your profession.

File 1099 Misc Form Online

When And Where To File 1099 MISC Forms?

The deadline for giving IRS 1099 Misc Fillable Forms to non-employees is January 31 of the following tax year. If January 31 deadline is holiday or weekend, in these cases the next business day is the deadline for report the 1099 misc fill in form to the Internal Revenue Service.

Where To Get The 1099 Misc Forms?

We provide Official 1099 Misc Form for payers who want to report to IRS and recipient. Our accountant can take your payroll information and file 1099-MISC forms. On online, you can file a 1099 Misc form 2019.

How To File The 1099 Misc Form?

If you hire freelancers, you must report what you pay them on copy, and send it to the Internal Revenue Service. You must report the same information in another copy, and that is transferred to a freelancer. The freelancer receives a Form 1099-Misc copy from the client and the freelancer not need to transfer the 1099-Misc form to the IRS. This 1099-Misc form must be submitted at least one month before the tax deadline.

Godrej Properties – Redefining luxurious Lifestyle

According to IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation), in the financial year 2018, the total income of Godrej Properties recorded a sum of Rs 2,086.92 crore (US$ 323.81 million). Godrej Properties is presently available in 12 Indian cities. Moreover, in recent times it is coming up with more real estate projects in different parts of the country. Some of the famous Godrej real estate projects include Godrej Prana, Godrej Greens, Godrej Alive, and Godrej Emerald. Below is a brief description of such amazing real estate projects developed by Godrej Properties. These projects are highly innovative and are specially designed to satisfy the needs of their customers.

Godrej Greens
As the name suggests this residential project of Godrej ensures a green, fresh and energetic way of living. It aims at giving the inhabitants a natural joy by taking away some of their daily life burdens. This residential real estate project is based in Undri, Pune. The project is spread across 10.55 acres of land consisting of 1156 homes each designed with comfort and convenience in mind. It also provides a calm and peaceful environment for its residents to enjoy the serene beauty of the location. Now experiencing a residential living in Godrej Green is easy. Presently Godrej Green has partnered for the home down payment assistance program for the first time home buyers. This offer assists first time home buyers to gather home down payment.

Godrej Alive
Crafted by the finest of luxuries, this residential project of Godrej has become an alive landmark on Mulund-Thane Circle. At the core, this project is located in Thane West, Mumbai. It offers the finest apartments in the configuration of 2, 3 and 4 BHK. Godrej Alive aims at living the landmark since it is near to some of the famous destinations in Thane. These nearby destinations include Korum Mall, Viviana Mall, Fortis Hospital, Jupiter Hospital, Singhania School and Billabong High School. The project also provides various amenities in the vicinity area some unique amenities include Futsal and Tai Chi.

Godrej Emerald
It is one of the best well planned real estate projects offered by Godrej Properties. The project offers a unique experience of urban living with great connectivity. It’s a lavishly build real estate project that connects the best of nature with its residents. The beauty of this project lies in the environmental view of Yeoor Hills and Vasai Creek.

Godrej Prana
Godrej Prana is a perfect destination for residential living, it enables a balanced lifestyle for its residents by providing four exclusive lifestyle zones, namely Nature, Life, Joy, and Zen. The project is located at Undri, Pune. The residential complex offers an exclusive community featuring 2, 2.5 and 3 BHK homes. The main benefit of this location is its excellent connectivity. It also offers a lush green environment to its residents for a healthy lifestyle.

These were some of the most amazing constructions of Godrej Properties. The real estate builder ensures that innovation and sustainability is offered in each of its projects. For Godrej Properties quality and excellence of work is an effort to make good relations with their customers.

Pune: A New Hub of Real Estate Development

The significance of this beautiful city lies in its wonderful location. It is one of the most remarkable places in Maharashtra where two important rivers namely Mula and Mutha meet with each other. Over the years “the Queen of Deccan – Pune” has emerged as a potential location for residential real estate. This development is highly triggered by various factors considering a few which include world-class educational offerings, massive historical structures, and beautiful widespread land spaces. Increasing real estate development in Pune has also brought significant changes in the infrastructure of the city. A few of the prime properties in Pune are listed below. These properties are unique in their nature as they provide various amenities to its residents however these properties are also considered for their prime locations and are well connected to different parts of the region.

Mahindra life spaces – Anthea
Anthea is a luxurious residential real estate project undertaken by Mahindra Lifespaces. It is widely spread across 16 acres of land. The project is based at Pimpri, Pune, this location is an added advantage to its residents since various facilities are nearby to the vicinity of Anthea. Each apartment of these residences is built with the latest technologies and facilities to enhance its residential experiences. It offers spacious apartments in the configuration of 1, 2 and 3 BHK. Keeping beautiful greenery in mind apartments are built with proper ventilation and exposure to greenery. The project offers its residents a life that is more auspicious in the most comfortable and convenient manner.

Rohan Abhilasha
Rohan Abhilasha is one of the famous residential real estate projects in Pune. It is located in the beautiful location of Wagholi. The spread of the project reaches across 30 acres of land. It is designed with great aesthetics giving importance to green healthy living. Presently Rohan Abhilasha has partnered for the home down payment assistance program for the first time home buyers. This offer provides a helping hand for the first time home buyers to gather home down payment.

Peninsula Land-Address One
This project is located at Gahunje, Pune. The project offers 1, 2, and 3 BHK residential apartments. Peninsula land-address one offers various modern amenities loaded with lavish facilities. Some of the facilities include a swimming pool, clubhouse, jogging tracks, indoor sports area. Another added feature of this project is that it provides 24/7 safety and security to all its residents. This safety and security in the locality ensure trust and peaceful living.

Godrej Prana
It is located at Undri, Pune. The residential complex offers an exclusive community featuring 2, 2.5 and 3 BHK homes. The main benefit of this location is its excellent connectivity. It has many prominent entertainment spots, schools, clubs and museums near its vicinity.

These were few of the famous properties constructed in Pune. The locations hold some of the best and world-class real estate projects and infrastructure. Considering the growing social and economic development, the city holds true value for real estate investments. This situation generates the ideal case for a unique and luxurious residence stay experience.

4 Strategies Consultants Can Use to Collaborate With Their Competition

As we all know no man is an island unto themselves, the time will come when every business owner finds that they can’t be the ultimate solution for everything to their clients. It’s just a matter of time, before they find that their clients want something that they cannot or do not want to provide, for various reasons.

Now some Consultants will attempt to persuade their clients that what they want is not necessary or really a very bad idea. Many consultants do this for fear that they may lose them as a client if they go to another consultant and get a complimentary or supportive product or service from them.

Instead of realizing that every Consultant can profit from recommendations, they tend to be clannish and negative about their competition.

NOTE TO Consultants and Coach’s:

Clients are not DUMB; they know why you’re saying what you’re saying!

Instead maybe Consultants should find opportunities to;

o Piggyback a service – find something that you do that can compliment their competitors business. While at the same time they can make a nice 10 – 20% profit, without the work.
o Cross Endorse – if your competitor has a product or service you like that isn’t directly competing with anything of yours endorse it. And ask them to do the same for you.
o Bundle – ask your competitor to include their book which is a really good product to bundle with your CD set. That way for every sale you have you both make money, especially since you don’t have a book.
o Recycle – if your competitor has unsold product that they can’t sell but you feel you could. Ask to sell it on commission, it at a deep discount, re-label it with your own private label and resell it at a higher profit.

These are just some of the wonderful opportunities that Consultants and their competitors should seek profit from.

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Consulting Practice Business Plan – Designing Your Business

One of the most common oversights when starting a Consulting Firm is to not clearly outline your level of engagement in the business. Instead of starting a business and than seeing what it will take to become successful, design it with clear boundaries built in.

Start by deciding issues like employees, marketing, travel etc. Don’t wait until you get your Consulting business up and running and see how it goes. That mind set leads to you accepting any and all work that comes your way, no matter the inconvenience. I know that every business owner starts out telling themselves that they have to do whatever it takes, that they have to wear a dozen different hats, etc, etc.

When if fact that method of launching a new Coaching or Consulting Business is one of desperately reaching in hopes that hard work leads to success. When in fact a successful business; is the result of specific design and consistent determination. So what would you put into a Business Plan that sets boundaries and leads to Business Success?

Here are 7 specifics;

1. No Employees – hire help only as you need them, only for as long as you need them.
2. Limited Phone – do not cold call, this is not a successful method to build a consulting business.
3. Create Consistent Income – with new business and residual income sources.
4. Low Overhead – work from home; tell my Clients that I do this. Brag about it, because you have achieved the all American dream.
5. Not tied to the Phone or Computer – have an online and an offline component to the business.
6. Flexible Hours and Travel – I don’t want to have to be out of town all the time, I want to have flexible hours.
7. Long Weekends – I want to have long weekends by the pool sipping Rum and Coke.

So now that you have the boundaries set you can begin to build your Consulting or Coaching Business accordingly. Think of it this way if you couldn’t build a business that gave you all of the above, why build it. I mean isn’t the reason you want to start a business to create a lifestyle like that described above?

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Successful Home Party Consultant Demonstrations and Presentations

When you are a home party consultant you will be required to do demonstrations and presentations. There are differences between the two. It is important to know when it is appropriate to give a presentation or a demonstration on the products you are selling. In addition, when you discuss the products for sale it is important to point out the benefits, quality, and the features of each of the items.

When a home party consultant performs a demonstration they will show the party guests how a product is used. A demonstration will consist of the functionalities of the product. You should always have a sample of the product you are demonstrating. Many customers will not want to purchase an item if it has been used or broken out of the box. If you are selling a top quality blender and demonstrating it then it should be your own personal product that is used primarily for demonstrations.

A presentation given by a consultant is when items are presented to the party guests. For example, if you are selling lingerie you may present the items on hangers on a rack. You may even decide to have girls wear the items to present how the items look when they are being worn. If you are selling vacations then your presentation may consist of a slideshow with a projector. If you have a product that is used with certain functionalities you should not present the items but show the attendees how to use it by doing a demonstration.

It is the job of the home party consultant to point out the benefits of the products to the guests. The guests need to know how they are going to benefit by purchasing and using the product. This is where the sales pitch comes in. If you just put up a display of items it will be very hard to convince the crowd why they should purchase the different products without pointing out the benefits.

There are many different features of some products. The more features you can find and point out to the guests the more convinced they will be to make a purchase from you. Always highlight the features of the different products. You also need to point out the quality of each of the products. In order to be a successful home consultant you must have the ability to show the quality of the products and compare them against generics you may find on the shelves.

In order to be a successful home party consultant it is important to know how to properly display the products to the guests at the party. Knowing if you should present the items or demonstrate them is very important. You also need to pull out the quality of each product, the features, and the different benefits. The more benefits of the products the better. What one guest finds as a benefit to buy another may favor a different benefit as the reason to make a purchase.

High Priced Consulting – 5 Secrets to Improve Your High Priced Consulting

There are so many ways on how you can monetize on your knowledge these days; you can create ebooks, record audio products, host teleseminars, design a coaching program, launch online classes, and offer consulting services. One of the most profitable ways to make money using only your knowledge is offering consulting services. Depending on your field of expertise and depending on your skill level, you can charge your clients up to $25,000.

Here’s how you can improve your high priced consulting:

1. Specialized. If you want to easily make a name for yourself, I recommend that you choose one area of expertise when you decide to sink your teeth into consulting. Pick the one that you know very well and passionate about. This is to make sure that you’ll be able to offer your clients with appropriate recommendations or solutions to their problems at the same time, you’ll have great experience as well as you love what you are doing.

2. Create an online portfolio. You’ll easily be able to attract people to do business with you if you can create an amazing and attention-grabbing online portfolio. You can create a scenario where you can apply your expertise. You can also post the testimonials of your most satisfied customers. In addition, communicate the relevant trainings that you have received, your educational background, the researches that you have done, and anything that can strengthen your expert status online.

3. Active listening. As a professional consultant, you can’t really jump into conclusions about the real problem of your customers. To easily understand where these people are really coming from and to see a clearer picture, make sure that you listen to them intently when they talk about their struggles. It would help if you can give them responses to ensure them that you are listening. Then, jot down the things that you think can help you better analyze the whole situation.

4. Restate the problem, seek agreement, and offer solutions. Before telling your customers what they need to do, make sure that you are on the same page. Restate the problem and ask if you got the problem right. You’ll be able to offer the appropriate solution if you understand the problem inside out.

5. Give your clients regular update. If you think that it will take you a couple of days to analyze and resolve the issue, make sure that you give your clients regular updates to keep them posted. Send them email every 24 hours just to assure them that you are still working on the issue.

Targeted High Priced Consulting – 5 Secrets to Excel at High Priced Consulting

A lot of people are now making lots of money by being a consultant. Individuals and companies are seeking their help to resolve their issues, improve their processes, or analyze their weaknesses. If you have skill in structuring task, industry expertise, technical knowledge/skills, and if you are committed in helping your clients, you could become a millionaire through this endeavor.

Here’s how you can excel at high priced consulting:

1. Stick with facts. Keep in mind that your clients depend on your recommendations and solutions so you cannot afford to mislead them. As a consultant, you must be drawn to facts and you must have this passion to dig deeper. Always verify your facts for accuracy and don’t make decisions base on conjecture or opinions alone.

2. Filter out irrelevant issues. Sometimes when we deal with clients, they cannot help but incorporate personal opinions or even emotions when they tell us what’s wrong. As a consultant, you must know how to sift and filter out unnecessary input that may just cloud the real issue. Focus your attention on elements that have direct impact on the problem that need to be solved.

3. Be objective. You need to see all angles and sides to better understand the issue. An effective consultant will make it a point to see all six sides of the box and still make time to peer inside. Keep in mind that problems often have multiple viewpoints and angles so you will really need to dig deeper.

4. Think ahead and weigh things. You must be able to visualize the different steps and actions that might need to be done ahead of time. Then, you will need to weigh each of them to easily figure out which one will really work. Yes, this would mean coming up with several different solutions and doing trial and error before you actually make recommendations.

5. Say no to quick fixes. I have been having some troubles with my internet connection for the past couple of days. When I finally had the time to call my internet service provider, I was told that the issue is now being fixed and that I didn’t have to do anything. Later, I found out that I was told some lies just because the customer service representative wanted to terminate the call immediately — perhaps it was already time to go home. This has resulted to an irate client and escalated issue that could have been resolved the first time. If you don’t want this to happen to your clients, you better make sure that the solutions you are offering are effective and well thought-out.

How To Market For Home Parties Business: 7 Pillars of Success For Your Home Party Business

Direct sales and home party businesses are booming. Direct selling is definitely the wave of the future as the world goes the current economic restructuring. With party plan companies blooming on every street corner how do you pick the right home party plan company for you? The following are the 7 Pillars & Tips For Direct Sales Home Party Consultants for the success to consider when selecting a party plan company.

Direct sales and home party businesses are booming. Direct selling is definitely the wave of the future as the world goes the current economic restructuring. With party plan companies blooming on every street corner how do you pick the right home party plan company for you? Do you like jewelry? How about make-up? Perhaps food is your thing,Guest Posting no fashion! Skin-care, that’s it! Seems as long as there are products being made, there is a party plan company selling it. The following are the 7 Pillars & Tips For Direct Sales Home Party Consultants for the success to consider when selecting a party plan company.

1) You, The Home Party Consultant: As an independent direct sales home consultant you are the company representative. People will judge the company by how you conduct yourself and your direct selling business. If you find people are a little resistant to what you have to say, don’t take it personally. I can guarantee they had a bad experience with another direct sales consultant. Now is your chance to build a new relationship.
Home Parties Tip: A home party business is not about the party plan company. A home party business is about the home party consultant.

2). Home Party Plan Company Leadership: Does your company of choice have proven MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Sales Experience? How long have they been in business? Are they ethical? –What about their integrity? Is the company privately held or publicly traded? (If the home party company of choice is publicly traded I hope it is one that Warren Buffet owns e.g., Pampered Chef) Have you actually read their Policies & Procedures? How Many pages? (Less is usually better.) WHY? Because the more paper work the less creativity and options you have. It means your every move will be monitored by the party plan company gate-keepers. You might as well get a job! Who does it protect? Comp plan set up to favor/protect distributors or company? Allow ‘walk away’ income? Loopholes to steal your commissions someday?
LONG TERM focus with a solid foundation, or “get rich quick” mentality? I recently read up on the ‘dead’ Circuit city company. The CEO said that their greatest failure was focusing on short term profits instead of long term value. Is your company of choice has not been in business for 5 years…think again

3) Timing of INDUSTRY and COMPANY: Did you know that jewelry home party plan companies are the hottest thing in the party plan industry? Yes Gold home parties are taking the nation by storm. Bill Gates willingly shares his secrets to success, he says:

1. Recognize the future of an industry
2. Take immediate massive action
3. Be at the right place at the right time!

If you can grasp this, success as a home party consultant is all but guaranteed! That said people will never be too young, too thin, too fashionable, too glamorous or too sexy. Any home party plan business surrounding these questions and problems will always be a hit! Run from Startups are to be avoided at all costs. This is what we call trending in the direct sales industry. E.g., once Mary Kay unveiled her company suddenly everyone had a beauty and skin care line you could sell from home. You want to find balance in your choice.

What phase is the Party Plan Company? Formulation? Momentum? Critical Mass? Plateau? Companies in the plateau phase offer more name recognition and less of an opportunity. (Under 5 year or 25 + I’d stay away)!

4). TARGET MARKET for your PRODUCTS: Is there huge demand for the home party products you plan on representing? Is the Future bright? Does the product meet Long Term TRENDS? The BIGGEST mistake people make is by making an emotional decision about their choice to become involved in direct sales. Sure your neighbor who is only a high school graduate jumped into party plan company ABC and made a killing and drives the car of your dreams. That is all well and good. However are you suited to the direct selling business? Is it the right time for you to jump in? More importantly have you identified a market for your product? Want to know why most home party consultants fail? because they found a product but have no one to sell it to. Your first step in succeeding is identifying a market for your product and then finding the right home party company. Trust me on this one, you will save yourself a whole lot of trouble!

5) Flagship PRODUCT(s): Products have to be REMARKABLE Not over-priced CONSUMABLE! Seth Godin, author of the best seller Purple Cow speaks at length on the issue of product remarkability. He talks about the mundane-ness of a regular black and white cow over a purple cow. A purple cow is remarkable. Remarkable incidentally doesn’t mean good or awesome


worthy of attention; striking
Is your home party product of choice one that will compel other to talk about and thus market for you? This is the essence of word of mouth. Is your product average or top of the line? Your product must be good enough to compel repeat buys and persuade me or any other person to tell a friend or ten about it!

6) Compensation Plan: The comp. plan should be the least of your worries, but I will discuss it for your benefit. The home party, direct sales and direct selling industry are all victims of the recruitment scam. You see you are paid for volume not the number of recruits you get. Look it this way what benefit is it to enroll 100 people who buy nothing? However if you make get 10 customers, and each buy $100 of products then you have a percentage of $1000 home party sales. The compensation needs to pay the average person fair percentage. Party plan companies reward home party consultants for selling products NOT for recruiting reps. Avoid comp. plan that pay on levels. Volume is quantifiable. Levels is cut throat and breeds the scams and failings that network marketing has a bad reputation. Paying on VOLUME not levels – drives BEHAVIOR in the field. Do you have a break-away plan? I would be cautious and careful. Best ’statistics’ to determine comp. plan include
‘TAC’ Total Average Commission? ‘PTV’ Percentage of TOTAL volume ?

7) Training, Education, Experience & Personal Development: Duplication is all well and good. Remember what I said at the beginning a home party plan business is about you. You are the single most important determinant of how successful this home party business. There is no such thing as proven SYSTEMS, UPLINE SUPPORT. The only thing that will help you build a successful business is personal development, training, education and experience. Do you have an Action Plan / Game Plan? It is one that can be taught to others i.e., duplicatable while still leaving room for creativity, innovation and expansion? Times have changed. Some things that worked just a few years ago, do not today. Many companies and TEAMS are using outdated systems and methods. Most people (92+% of population) do not like to sell or be sold. Are you building a home party business using 8 track methods in an iPod world? Don’t get caught in a rut!

Why You Need a Business Plan for Your Cleaning Company

A business plan is an important document that cleaning companies of all sizes should take the time to prepare before signing on that first account. By sitting down to write a business plan you take the time to look at your new business in an objective and critical manner. Once completed, a business plan will give you a path to follow.

A business plan is an important document that cleaning companies of all sizes should take the time to prepare before signing on that first account. By sitting down to write a business plan you take the time to look at your new business in an objective and critical manner. Once completed,Guest Posting a business plan will give you a path to follow.

Your business plan will show how your cleaning business is organized, it will list the competitors in your service area, and how you will compete against them. It will also list the services your company will provide, your management methods, how you will market your company, how your company keeps its financial records, and your goals for the future.

Taking the time to write a business plan helps to focus your ideas and increases your chance for success and growth. A finished plan is not only a communication tool for your business, but it is also a document required by most financial institutions if you are applying for a loan to get your cleaning business up and running.

Overall, a business plan will explain your niche, the cleaning services you offer, how you will find your potential customers, key personnel, and plans for growing your business. Your plan should also contain your marketing plan, an analysis of your competitors, and potential sales revenues.

It’s not difficult to write a business plan for your cleaning company. It will take time, research and a quiet place to sit down and bring all the pieces together. Write your business plan in a style that is not only readable, but enthusiastic. This will show potential lenders that you not only know what it takes to run a successful business, but that you are excited about what you are doing. Keep your plan upbeat and positive, but don’t stretch the facts and underestimate the time that it will take for your cleaning business to become profitable.

A completed business plan for a small company may run between 15-30 pages. Organize your plan into the following sections:

1. Introduction. This will include your cover page, executive summary, and table of contents. Your cover page should have all the relevant information about your business: name, location, owners, and the date the plan was prepared. Your executive summary will present a summary of the entire plan, including information about your company, your overall objectives, and your key personnel and their strengths.

2. Business Description. This will be more in-depth information about your business; the products and services you are selling, your service area, your potential clients, background information of key personnel, the unique features your cleaning company has to offer, and a timetable.

3. Business Organization. This section covers the legal structure of your business, how you will manage the business, how many employees you’ll need, and insurance and security issues.

4. Marketing. No business can be successful if people do not realize you exist. A marketing plan will help you to focus on the steps you need to take to find and reach your target audience.

5. Financial Documents. Financial documents are the records used to project income and cash flow. Accurate financial records help to set the pace of your business. Include an income statement, cash flow statement, start up expenses, and projected balance sheet. Show projections for one year, three years and five years.

6. Support Materials. Include resumes of the owner(s) and key personnel, letters of reference, sample contracts, any legal documents about your business, and sample collateral materials.

Do not overlook the value of a business plan. Sitting down and writing the plan makes you look at all the pieces you’ll need to run a successful cleaning business. It forces you to look at the competition as well as your own strengths and weaknesses. Taking the time to plan before you open the doors to your new cleaning business can save you time, money and headaches after your business is up and running. And, looking at your business objectively before you take the leap and sign up that first account, will make your cleaning business more focused and more profitable!