4 Strategies Consultants Can Use to Collaborate With Their Competition

As we all know no man is an island unto themselves, the time will come when every business owner finds that they can’t be the ultimate solution for everything to their clients. It’s just a matter of time, before they find that their clients want something that they cannot or do not want to provide, for various reasons.

Now some Consultants will attempt to persuade their clients that what they want is not necessary or really a very bad idea. Many consultants do this for fear that they may lose them as a client if they go to another consultant and get a complimentary or supportive product or service from them.

Instead of realizing that every Consultant can profit from recommendations, they tend to be clannish and negative about their competition.

NOTE TO Consultants and Coach’s:

Clients are not DUMB; they know why you’re saying what you’re saying!

Instead maybe Consultants should find opportunities to;

o Piggyback a service – find something that you do that can compliment their competitors business. While at the same time they can make a nice 10 – 20% profit, without the work.
o Cross Endorse – if your competitor has a product or service you like that isn’t directly competing with anything of yours endorse it. And ask them to do the same for you.
o Bundle – ask your competitor to include their book which is a really good product to bundle with your CD set. That way for every sale you have you both make money, especially since you don’t have a book.
o Recycle – if your competitor has unsold product that they can’t sell but you feel you could. Ask to sell it on commission, it at a deep discount, re-label it with your own private label and resell it at a higher profit.

These are just some of the wonderful opportunities that Consultants and their competitors should seek profit from.

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