High Priced Consulting – 5 Secrets to Improve Your High Priced Consulting

There are so many ways on how you can monetize on your knowledge these days; you can create ebooks, record audio products, host teleseminars, design a coaching program, launch online classes, and offer consulting services. One of the most profitable ways to make money using only your knowledge is offering consulting services. Depending on your field of expertise and depending on your skill level, you can charge your clients up to $25,000.

Here’s how you can improve your high priced consulting:

1. Specialized. If you want to easily make a name for yourself, I recommend that you choose one area of expertise when you decide to sink your teeth into consulting. Pick the one that you know very well and passionate about. This is to make sure that you’ll be able to offer your clients with appropriate recommendations or solutions to their problems at the same time, you’ll have great experience as well as you love what you are doing.

2. Create an online portfolio. You’ll easily be able to attract people to do business with you if you can create an amazing and attention-grabbing online portfolio. You can create a scenario where you can apply your expertise. You can also post the testimonials of your most satisfied customers. In addition, communicate the relevant trainings that you have received, your educational background, the researches that you have done, and anything that can strengthen your expert status online.

3. Active listening. As a professional consultant, you can’t really jump into conclusions about the real problem of your customers. To easily understand where these people are really coming from and to see a clearer picture, make sure that you listen to them intently when they talk about their struggles. It would help if you can give them responses to ensure them that you are listening. Then, jot down the things that you think can help you better analyze the whole situation.

4. Restate the problem, seek agreement, and offer solutions. Before telling your customers what they need to do, make sure that you are on the same page. Restate the problem and ask if you got the problem right. You’ll be able to offer the appropriate solution if you understand the problem inside out.

5. Give your clients regular update. If you think that it will take you a couple of days to analyze and resolve the issue, make sure that you give your clients regular updates to keep them posted. Send them email every 24 hours just to assure them that you are still working on the issue.